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The Anaheim Police Department is located at 425 South Harbor Boulevard Anaheim, CA 92805-3773 Anaheim Police Department phone: (714) 765-1900,

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  • Anaheim Bail Bonds Agents are available to post bail bonds at the Anaheim Police Department Jail 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For Anaheim Bail Bonds, Call4Bail Bail Bonds will make it as convenient and easy as possible. Our local Anaheim Bail Bondsmen are ready to meet you within a matter of minutes of your phone call at your home, our office, or at the Anaheim City Jail.

    Anaheim Bail Bonds, Booking and Release Process

    Call4Bail Bail Bonds pledges to process your Anaheim Bail Bonds as smoothly and quickly as possible. We will help you through the Anaheim Bail Bonds process with respect and professionalism.

    Anaheim Bail Bonds release process is fairly fast and smooth. Anaheim Bail Bonds release process is a matter of minutes after posting the bond, unless inmate is waiting for fingerprints (live Scan) the Anaheim Police Department usually does this when the defendant or person arrested does not carry a valid ID with him/her. The Live Scan is to verify inmate’s record and warrants. Release times do vary sometimes depending on Anaheim Police Department's workload.

    Posting a Bail Bond in Anaheim Police Department, This facility does transfer inmates to the Orange County Jail located at 550 North Flower in the City of Santa Ana. Once transferred it will take significantly longer to release your loved one out of custody, we understand what you are going through and its not always easy to decide whether to bail someone out, but it is always important to do make your decision as soon as possible it could make a difference of up to 12 Hours from Orange County Jail to minutes from Anaheim Police Department

    We post Anaheim Bail Bonds and Bail Bonds throughout all of Orange County. We deal with all Orange County courts and jails. Our Bail Bonds Agency is conveniently located in Santa Ana and Anaheim with agents all over Orange County and Southern California. We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. At Call4Bail Bail Bonds we specialize in all of Anaheim Bail Bonds including but not limited to DUI, Domestic Violence, and Drug Charges.

    Anaheim Bail Bonds by Call4Bail Bail Bonds, located only couple blocks away from the Orange County jail facility, with an Anaheim Bail Bonds agent always on call. We are family owned but professionally operated. Anaheim bail agents have years of experience in the Orange County Bail Bonds industry. For Bail Bonds in Orange County there is only one company you can trust Call4Bail, we are just minutes from all jails in Orange County. For immediate service call toll free 888-622-4524 or 714-852-2152. We operate the lowest rates 8%* rates for those who qualify.

    Call Us Now to see if you qualify for a 20% Discount! We can also do Anaheim Bail Bonds by phone or fax.

    Call4Bail Bail Bonds offers free warrants checks in the OC.

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    When a person is charged with a crime there is a period before their required court appearance during ...

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